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First discovered by: Tara March 19, 2011
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  • Sherrie Rohde
    Sherrie Rohde loved this. 2 years ago
  • Emmanuel Gadenne
    Emmanuel Gadenne 3 years ago I found a way to buy a fitbit tracker outside US. On eBay there are many fitbit tracker new and unpacked $119,99 USD + $35,65 USD for expedition

  • Edd Dumbill
    Edd Dumbill 3 years ago I'll admit I gave up on the sleep measurement side of things. Been wondering about Wakemate for sleep measurement, but from what I hear they might still be ironing the kinks out of that, at least for Android phones.

  • cassandra girard
    cassandra girard 3 years ago Oh great! Im next in line to buy it!

  • Sara Mooney
    Sara Mooney 3 years ago I agree, Edd. Have had my fitbit for less than a week. Lost it one because it was black and blended into a blanket. The second time it (luckily) fell off in the car and was waiting on the seat for me to find it. So far, I'm having mixed results from it. It's not measuring my sleep accurately.

  • Edd Dumbill
    Edd Dumbill 3 years ago We love ours, but they're easy to lose, and not so cheap to replace at $100 or so. Lost two, replaced one, and agonizing over replacing the second.

  • Rod Begbie
    Rod Begbie 3 years ago Friend me up!

  • Justin Briggs
    Justin Briggs 3 years ago One of my favorite things I own. My wife and I have daily competitions. There's no such word for "walk", "run", "jog" or "step." One verb to rule them all: "fitbit!"

    "I'm going to go for some fitbits."
    "I'm going to use the stairs for maximum fitbits!"
    Response to "what are you doing?": "I'm fitbitting!"

  • Sara Mooney
    Sara Mooney 3 years ago YES! I heard about this last year, and it seemed like a great idea. Please post updates on your experiences with the Fitbit. :)