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Buyosphere is for:

If you love to shop, but still need a little guidance from time to time or love helping others shop, our Fashion Advice Community is for you!

1. ask questions to get help finding that unique and perfect item. We have a community of shoppers and stylists who love to help!

2. check out the gorgeous style guides, curated by editors (learn how to become an editor here). They find the cutest stuff from designers you haven’t found yet.

3. browse around and save anything you love to your profile with a quick click. Share it to your favorite networks. Build your own reputation as a style maven.

If you are a fashion blogger or a stylist looking to build your reputation, become an editor. Editors are key to inspiring our community. Being an editor means that you can:

1. create style guides.

2. be featured on our homepage and in our newsletter that goes out to thousands of people.

3. get a special profile that allows you to build your own fashion magazine and style portfolio.

Editors also get in on VIP deals & freebies with our designers, special blogging tools and get featured regularly.

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One of our core objectives at Buyosphere is to help people uncover products they would not find in their local department stores or in a general search.

If you are a designer or have a shop that carries interesting, unique designers, you probably want to get in front of people who shop and influence others to shop. You’ve come to the right place!

Feel free to:

1. answer questions with your own products (when appropriate to the question).

2. contact us about curating your own style guides.

3. sign up for exciting updates for our design/retail partners.