About Buyosphere


Buyosphere is a fashion advice community, where you can browse the community created style guides and ask for advice on where to find something that is exactly right for you. Our goal is to create the best and most unique content through user curation - unearthing unique designers and products you won’t find through traditional search.

Our vibrant community is filled with stylists, bloggers, designers and others who are here to help those who are lost in the web of too much choice and too little clear choice or those who just want to discover something unique.


Jerome Paradis, CTO Tara Hunt, CEO Cassandra Girard, COO
Winner: “Most Promising Team” Women 2.0 Pitch Conference 2012

After spending 2.5 years together, through thick and thin and ups and downs, we’re still smiling. It’s a testament to how much we love what we are doing + how much we respect one another.

Jerome, CTO, has been coding since he was 7 years old. He started his first company right out of school and hasn’t looked back. He is responsible for the entire inner workings of the site and is a bonified geek.

Tara, CEO, was named one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Company Magazine, wrote a bestseller on how the social web is changing business (8 languages), has spoken to audiences around the world on how to build a social business and has worked with multiple startups over the years including Slideshare, Like.com and TripIt.

Cassandra, COO, has spent the last 15 years working on mobile and e-commerce projects, but is also the business development focus of the team. She is truly the team’s Sheryl Sandberg and keeps us moving forward.

@jeromeparadis - @missrogue - @cassandragirard


Buyosphere was born out of our own personal frustration with finding unique products right for us online. The promise of the web is that it’s supposed to make our lives easier, less confusing and more efficient, but as the amount of choice grew, so did our frustration. With more choice came more confusion and those amazing unqiue finds were getting buried. After a simple search for a black skirt turned into an epic 3.5 hour dead-end journey, Tara decided it was time to solve online discovery for good. She, Jerome and Cassandra set out to tackle this mammoth task together in Montreal.

In late 2011, Buyosphere’s Q&A community site launched to much fanfare, but what they noticed was that the majority of the people visiting were just enjoying browsing and shopping the great content a small group of people were curating, so Style Guides were added to the community and now people could have more content to browse before they dove in with their specific questions.